Erba Stella (aka Salad Leaf Plantain)

Seven Seeds Farm

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Erba Stella (aka Salad Leaf Plantain) (50 days) 
Plantago coronopus

Like its weedy relatives,m Erba Stella ( star grass in Italian) salad leaf plantain comes from Europe. Records there indicate that humans have enjoyed munching on it since the 16th century. Salad plantain's ptyher European names incluse corne-de-cerf, Buckshorn, or star-of -the-earth. Grows a pretty rosette of slender lancular leaves with little "horns" or "spurs" on them to about a 6-8" circle. Very delicate flavor is crunchy and reminiscent of parsley and spinach. Very easy to grow. Thrives in cool, wet weather. HEIRLOOM. SSF

Packet: 1/4 g

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