Herbal Tea Collection

Siskiyou Seeds

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Herbal Tea Collection

We have a deep love of tea and a passion for growing herbs here at Siskiyou Seeds and we want to share that with you. The Herbal Tea Collection is an array of delicious, easy to grow medicinal herbs. Simple and gentle that can be planted, harvested and dried for tea. A combination of perennial and annual herbs that when combined turn your garden and your cup into something beautiful.  Collection comes with growing tips.

Basil, Holy (Tulsi)-  Ocimum sanctum

One of our favorite tea herbs, a standard in Ayurvedic medicine. Tulsi has a sweet floral flavor with peppery basil undertones. Has many blooms, welcoming a host of pollinators!

Calendula, Resina- Calendula officinalis

These bright yellow and orange flowers  will attract bees and butterflies to your garden. Easy to pick and highly prolific. Calendula is a soothing herb, excellent in tea, as a sucus or in topical applications.

Chamomile, German - Matricaria chamomilla

Well known cheerful Chamomile has delicate white flowers and lacy green foliage. A calming herb with a delightful apple like scent.

Lemonbalm - Melissa officinalis

Perennial herb in the mint family with a bright lemony flavor. Makes delicious sun tea.

Licorice Mint- Agastache rugosa

Elegant perennial herb with tiny lavender flowers, leaves are soft and have a faint licorice flavor.

An array of delicious, easy to grow medicinal herbs.  Simple and gentle herbs that can be planted, harvested and dried for tea.

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We reserve the right to make substitutions to this collection with other similar varieties, if necessary.  


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