Sunflower, Black Dye

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Sunflower, Black Dye

Helianthus annuus (65 days to flower / 100 days to mature seeds) 

A traditional dye crop developed and selected for generations by Hopi farmers in the high desert of Northern Arizona near the Four Corners.  They used the dark black seeds to produce a purple or gray dye for wool and baskets.  It's conceivable that Sunflowers have been a cultivated crop in North America for 5000 years.

Grows to 6-12' tall depending on fertility and spacing.  Produces a large main flower at the top of the stalk up to 12" across with numerous side branches that flower later with smaller blooms.  The seed from the central head is large enough to use for hulling for human consumption or animal feed.  Seed produced at White Oak Farm (WOF).

Pictured here is a sample of fabric dyed with the seeds of this sunflower.

Check out photographer/ natural dye artist Rachael on her instagram @think_natural_Packet - 2 1/2 g (~45 seeds)

Packet:1 oz

* These can also be grown for delicious sunflower sprouts grown in shallow trays (see pictures)


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