Huazontle, Aztec Spinach

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50

Huazontle, Aztec Spinach

Chenopodium nuttalliae (75 days)

If you’ve tried amaranth, lambs quarter, or goosefoot as salad or micro-greens, you should try this. The germination is terrific. Young seedlings begin bright red, then look like lambs quarter with reddish undersides and a crisper leaf. Gives the salad mix a wilder look and taste. Leaves and seed heads become bright red with maturity. During the reign of Aztec leader, Montezuma this was the 4th most grown crop after corn, beans and chia. Thanks to Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seeds for introducing us to this classic. SSF.

Packet: (1/2g~ 150 seeds) 

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