Kale, Gulag Stars

Wayward Acres

$ 4.50

Kale, Gulag Stars Brassica napus with Brassica rapa crosses.

(25 days baby, 50-60 days full sized)

This unique gene pool was originally bud pollinated by Tim Peters in Oregon to bypass species incompatibility mechanisms, and has been stewarded by Andrew Still & Sarah Kleeger at Adaptive Seeds since then. This is a mix of Siberian (hence the name) B.napus kales that have been crossed with B. rapa. Leaf colors range from brilliant red to green to white, with super frilly to broad leaves, from skinny, short stems to broad, thick stems; and multiple combinations thereof. This mix contains some of the widest diversity in both leaf and stem color to shape and degree of frilliness. OSSI

Photo courtesy of Adaptive Seeds

 Packet (1/2 g ≈ 125 seeds)

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