Lettuce, Blushed Butter Cos

Siskiyou Seeds

$ 4.50


LETTUCE – Blushed Butter Cos,  (55 days)  

Lactuca s.

In the words of breeder,  Frank Morton, “Very popular pink-blushed blend of butterhead and cos qualities. Leaves are dense, buttery, savoyed and folded, nicely proportioned to fit a salad plate, and easy to remove from the head without tearing or bruising. Highly rated for flavor by our customers and the Philomath High School Botany Class, which has conducted detailed trials on our lettuces every year since 1995. If teens like it, it’s sweet.” OSSI (Open Source Seed Initiative) Pledged Variety.

 Packet (1 g ≈ 800 seeds)

One Ounce (25,000 seeds)

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