Lion's Ear

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Lion's Ear

Leonotis nepetifolia (90 days)   

Soft orange flowers surround a bristly whorl and are a magnet for pollinators and hummingbirds.  All ages love this plant in the garden-- our children remove the flowers and suck the rich nectar lode at the base of each fuzzy orange trumpet.  A striking herbaceous shrub up to 8 feet tall.  Frost sensitive in areas with cold winters but perennial in subtropical and tropical climates.  The unusual flowers make a striking addition to flower arrangements and this particular Lion's Ear has a softer colored flowered which blends nicely with a wider range of color palettes. Also known as klip dagga, Lion's Ear is a mint family species that may become a woody perennial in zone 8 or warmer areas.  SSF

Packet: (1/4g~100 seeds)

Bulk: 1 g

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