Marigold, Pesche's Gold


$ 3.95


Marigold, Pesche’s Gold, Tagates erecta (80-90 days)

Named after Howard Shapiro’s (who was involved in the early days of Seeds of Change) grandmother, Pesche’s Gold makes tall, impressive plants.  These 6-8’ marigolds overflow with blooms all season.  Bright and striking mixtures of golden yellow and orange yellow semi- to fully- double flowers have simple but elegantly crisped petals fringed with ruffles.  This, along with other marigolds, are a great addition to the textile dye garden and yields a yellow dye, with or without mordant.  FLA.

MG8: Packet- 1/2 g (~115 seeds) - $3.95

                        5 g- $22.00 

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