Milkweed, Narrow Leaf


$ 5.00

 Milkweed, Narrow Leaf

Aesclepias Fasicularis  

A perennial herb native to the Western United States, Narrow Leaf Milkweed is a favorite among Monarch butterflies.  Grows to 3 foot with long, narrow leaves and produces approximately 5-inch white or rose-white flower clusters.  Flowers give way to seed pods which split and reveal seeds and silk when mature.  This milkweed has a broad tolerance for garden conditions, but also manages to survive heavy clay, salty, dry soils, and seasonal flooding.  A great choice for butterfly and pollinator gardens.  Likes sun and readily reseeds.

Packet: (.4g~35 seeds)

* Growing Tip: Being an undomesticated plant, milkweed benefits from a period of cold stratification to help the seeds "wake up".  To do this, one method is to plant in the fall, as wold happen in nature. can place the seeds on a moist paper towel and put them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for about 30 days. Check it periodically to see if mold is forming, in which case change the paper towel. This will greatly improve germination.

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