Orlaya, White Finch


$ 5.00

Orlaya, White Finch

Orlaya grandiflora  (70 days) 

This great filler flower is widely adapted for temperature.  Seeded in the Fall it overwinters here in Zone 7 and blooms in May, or it can be seeded into late May for September harvest.    Orlaya flowers are white, elegant and clustered in an umbel shape-- it can replace ammi or Queen Anne’s lace for use in bouquets.  But don’t let these delicate flowers fool you!  One look at its spiny seeds and you’ll know this plant is tough.  As with most Apiaceae family flowers, pollinators love these blooms.  An annual that grows up to 24”; space 9-12” apart.  FLA. 

 Packet: (~45 seeds)

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