Pepper, Black Hungarian

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$ 4.50


Pepper, Black Hungarian

Capsicum annum (80-100 days) 

A lovely plant with purple/ green foliage and purple flowers. It dazzles with a plethora of 2-3” long blunt-tipped fruits, that ripen from green/black to deep red. Shape comparable to a jalepeño pepper. Well adapted to northern climates, they continue to flower and produce right up until the killing frosts of fall. Fruits are medium spicy, much more than a Jalapeno, but not quite Cayenne level.  Plants can be hung by the roots when frost threatens in the fall to complete maturation. 5,000-10,000 SHU.

 Packet ( 2/5 g ≈ 40 seeds)

1 g ( ~100 seeds)

5g ~500 seeds

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