Pepper, Maria Nagy’s Transylvanian

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50

Pepper, Maria Nagy’s Transylvanian

Capsicum annum (70 days)  

A remarkably productive and early chili with 6” long fruits that are 3/4” wide and look like a cayenne. Sourced from our friends at Adaptive Seeds who obtained this heirloom from Maria Nagy, a seed steward near Turda, Transylvania, during their 2008 Seed Ambassadors trip to Romania. BTW - as strange it may seem, I encourage folks to check out the amazing offerings over at Adaptive seeds - seed people, like plants generally try and co-exist and cooperate like the plants that we steward. 

Fruits have thick juicy flesh with a flavor that begins pimento sweet and has a substantial heat that builds slowly. Heavy yields that color up earlier than any other chili in our trials!

Packet (2/5 g. ≈ 60 seeds)

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