Pepper, Miranda

Siskiyou Seeds

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Pepper, Miranda

Capsicum annum (75 days)

You have the right to remain.... delighted with productive, sweet, large, thick walled delicious peppers!  This is the F4 of our efforts to stabilize the wildly popular "Carmen" hybrid that is found in farmers markets across the country. Originally an All American Selections winner, Carmen was bred by Johnny's plant breeders Janika Eckert and Rob Johnston. We have been growing this and selecting it for uniform yields of 6" long, red "Corno di Toro" Italian style fruits. Wonderful sweet flavor, with thick crunchy walls lends itself well to fresh use or roasting. Nice upright 24-30" tall plants mature red fruit early.

Packet: 2/5 g (~40 seeds)

1 g (~100 seeds)

5g (~500 seeds)

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