Perilla, Red Shiso

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 3.95

Perilla, Shiso, Red Perilla frutescens (80-85 days)

This herb is also known as Japanese Basil. It is used in oriental cooking, sushi, and the fresh leaves can be cut into thin strips for salads, spaghetti, and meat or fish courses. It is used as a savory herb in a variety of dishes, even as a pizza topping in place of basil. In the summer of 2009, Pepsi Japan released a new seasonal flavored beverage, Pepsi Shiso. Red Shiso is used to dye radish pickles and umeboshi plums. It can also be made into a sweet, red juice to enjoy during summer. SSF

SH1: Packet (4/5 g) - $3.95

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