Phacelia, Bee's Friend

Wild Garden Seeds

$ 5.00

Phacelia, Bee's Friend  Phacelia tanacetifolia (80 days) 

Wonderful annual cover crop that can be grown anytime from March through November at most latitudes.  Bee's Friend attracts bumblebees in droves with their beautiful lavender purple fiddlehead plumes festooned with blooms.  Succulent growth can reach 4’ tall, so it works well as a cover crop that can be incorporated into the soil to add organic matter.  Attracts beneficial insects. In our pollinator trials performed in conjunction with the BeeGirl non-profit in Ashland, Oregon, Phacelia was the first to bloom and most favored flower for bumblebees and native sweat Bees.  WGS. 

PH1: Packet ~0.4g (~80 seeds) 

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