Pollinator Mix, Annual Late Season

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 5.00


Pollinator Mix, Annual Late Season  

Pollinators are a key cornerstone of a thriving, healthy ecosystem in your garden.  Not only do they help to pollinate the fruiting vegetables, but often the adult stage of many beneficial insects like Ladybugs and Green Lacewings that feed upon nectar (while their larvae stage is insectivorous).  Plant a multi-species Garden Ecology!

This mix is intended to plant later in the season such as sunflowers, zinnia, tithonia, safflower, cosmos, marigolds, cilantro, coreopsis, and buckwheat. It tends to grow fairly tall (up to 6' plus), so consider this when deciding where to plant. This provides a late nectar flow, which is particularly helpful to pollinators and beneficial insects in the arid west where there is little flowering in the un-irrigated wild lands. (Exact mix may vary).

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