Pollinator Mix, Perennials

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 5.00

Pollinator Mix, Perennial

Pollinators are a key cornerstone of a thriving, healthy ecosystem in your garden.  Not only do they help to pollinate the fruiting vegetables, but often the adult stage of many beneficial insects like Ladybugs and Green Lacewings that feed upon nectar (while their larvae stage is insectivorous). Plant a multi-species Garden Ecology!

This mix includes the following species: Hyssop, Licorice Mint, Parsnip (self seeding biennial) Poppies (not a perennial but they naturalize and self-seed very well). This mix is a good choice if you have an area that you are able to prepare the soil well and allow it to become established over the years. It will provide a steady stream of nectar and pollen over the entire season- feeding and sheltering pollinators. This mix requires diligence and patience to establish, as many of the seeds are quite small. (Exact mix may vary). SSF

Packet 4g


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