Poppy, Rattle Poppy

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 3.95


Poppy, Rattle Poppy, Papaver somniferum (90 days) 

Obtained from Portland gardener Lezlie Amara.  I found these novelties sitting on her piano and marveled at them as their seeds were tightly enclosed in large (1  ½ “ diameter) seed heads.  Perfect for small, soft sounding rattles.  Normally, poppy seeds can pour freely out of the holes in the dried pods, but these are unique in their absence of holes.  Plant as early as possible (February in Oregon).  They grow quickly to 3 feet and produce pretty pale pink/white, single petal blooms. Grow yourself a musical instrument!  SSF

PP3: Packet -(0.2g ~ 100 seeds)- $3.95

                       5 grams- $20.00

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