Rudbeckia, Chim Chiminee

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 5.00

Rudbeckia, Chim Chiminee

Rudbeckia hirta  (120 days)

Chim Chiminee’s fascinating quill-shaped petals in rusty tones of gold, autumn orange, sienna, bronze and chocolate are amazing.  Like a fine wine, they provide a depth of nuance and have a complex visual flavor, with some petals involute, others revolute, and some a hybrid.  As with any rudbeckia they can be sown in Fall for blooms the following June-July, or 8-10 weeks before last Spring frost for Fall blooming.  An early Summer flush, if cut back entirely, leads to a second Fall bloom period on our farm.  A short-lived perennial that grows up to 30”; space 12” apart.  SSF.  

 Packet :(1/4g ~140 seeds)

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