Rutabaga, Gilfeather's Turnip

Wild Garden Seeds

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5Rutabaga, Gilfeather's Turnip

Brassica napus (85 days) 

This is from an accidental cross between a rutabaga and a turnip; two different that don't usually cross-pollinate. Here's a description from the grower, Frank Morton, " It's leaves have the color and shape of rutabaga, with a good kale-like flavor. The root is shaped like a football rather than a sphere, lacks the purple top of both common turnips and rutabaga, has the color of a white turnip (as opposed to the yellowish flesh of common rutabaga), with a texture and flavor intermediate between the two. When cooked and mashed, the color and texture would mislead many to think of mashed potatoes. The flavor is mild, with less of the sulfurous taste that we associate with the Brassica family."

Packet (1 g~ 300 seeds)

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