Scabiosa, Fama Mix


$ 5.00


Scabiosa, Fama Mix

Scabiosa caucasica (120-140 days)

Fama Mix is comprised of both white and periwinkle blue ruffled flowers.  Soft, flowing 2-3” blooms sit atop long (sometimes upwards of 24”!) sturdy stems perfect for cutting.  Long lasting in the vase and perfect for bouquet making, Scabiosa Fama is a first year flowering perennial that is sure to delight with its 2-3 month blooming period.   Provide horizontal trellising to keep flowers from falling over.  Looks great in the mid-border.   A perennial that grows up to 30”; space 12” apart.  FLA.


 Packet :-1/2 g (~50 seeds)

Bulk: 5 g

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