Scabiosa, Beauty Mix


$ 5.00

Scabiosa, Beauty Mix

Scabiosa atropurpurea  (90-100 days)

Perennial mix of Scabiosa flowers in abundance for 3-4 months with blooms in burgundy, lavender, white and various shades of pink.  Eye catching flowers are followed by fascinating seeds heads, both of which are outstanding and long-lasting in fresh flower bouquets.  Stems are long, and although thin, they are quite strong and the plant easily produces 60-80 blooms over the course of its flowering season under optimum growing conditions.  Dry the seed heads for an interesting textural element in your everlasting bouquets or wreaths.  Plants readily reseed.  FLA. 

 Packet:1/2 g (~45 seeds)

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