Sunflower, Italian White

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 3.95

Sunflower, Italian White  ORGANIC

Italian White’s soft yellow petals surround a dark, central disk and dance atop tall, branching stems.  This sunflower is reminiscent of Jerusalem artichoke or Maximilian sunflower with its numerous 3-4” blooms and slim, stately growth habit.  The Italian White will provide months of blooms to cut for the vase while producing enough to also leave ample quantity for pollinators.  Birds love this seed, so if you want to save seed consider bagging blooms.  Grown by SSF. 

Latin:   Helianthus debilis

Height:  5-7’

Light Requirements:  Full sun

Days to Maturity:  70

Life Cycle: annual

Spacing: 9-12”

SFIW:  Packet -2 1/2 g (~65 seeds) -$3.95

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