Sunflower, Mammoth Russian

Raptor Creek Farm

$ 5.00


Sunflower, Mammoth Russian

Helianthus annus (85 days) 

Bred for seed production, this heirloom variety is able to produce very tall (up to 12’) plants that produce a single head up to 22” in diameter. Thin plants to a 12-18” spacing. Plant with pole beans for a productive poly culture, allowing the beans to climb up the tall stalks. Flowers are a deep golden yellow with a green center that swells with heavy yields of large (3/4”) seeds that are white and grey striped. A terrific staple crop for seeds for eating or for poultry feed. RCF

Packet:5 g (~65 seeds)

Bulk: 1/4lb
Bulk:1/2 lb



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