Sunflower, Mammoth Russian

Raptor Creek Farm

$ 3.95

Sunflower, Mammoth Russian, Helianthus annus (85 days) 

Bred for seed production, this heirloom variety is able to produce very tall (up to 12’) plants that produce a single head up to 22” in diameter. Thin plants to a 12-18” spacing. Plant with pole beans for a productive poly culture, allowing the beans to climb up the tall stalks. Flowers are a deep golden yellow with a green center that swells with heavy yields of large (3/4”) seeds that are white and grey striped. A terrific staple crop for seeds for eating or for poultry feed. RCF

Unfortunately, we do not have this seed now but we intend to grow it 2021 so check back with us 12/01/21 for availability.

SF9 -5 g (~65 seeds) = $3.95

Ounce = $13.00
1/2 lb = $50.00
1lb - 100.00



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