Sweet Pea, Sweet Cream & Berry Mix

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 5.00

Sweet Pea, Sweet Cream Berry Mix

Lathyrus odoratus  (85 days)           

The irresistible aroma of these flowers can be detected hundreds of feet away from the patch, especially when they become most pungent in the early evening.  Colors range from white to burgundy, rose pink, lavender, and plum, some on lusciously long stems.  Sweet peas must be trellised vertically to perform best, and we start them in early January in deep pots to get them off to a strong start before temperatures get hot.  Also, in our zone 7 gardens sweet peas can be started in the fall, overwintered outside under row cover, and likewise perform well.  An annual that grows up to 10’.  Space 4-6”. SSF.

 2 g (~20 seeds)

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