Sweet Williams, Double Choice Mix

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 3.50

Sweet Williams, Double Choice Mix Dianthus spp. A lovely biennial (and occasional perennial) flower that produces a profusion of sturdy blooms on 12-18” stems in an array of pinks, fuchsias, whites, scarlets and combinations thereof. Appreciating them with the eyes alone is only a small part of the picture, because their smell is heaven-scent! Imagine cinnamon, sweet peas, a dash of clove and all perfumed up as only mother nature knows how! Makes terrific, long-lasting bouquets. Rarely flowers in the first year, so please be patient. Very long bloom window in the second year starting in April and going all summer if you keep them picked and deadheaded. FL, SSF    

SW1: Packet (1 g ≈ 150 seeds) - $3.50

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