Tomato, Gold Currant

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50

Tomato , Gold Currant 

L. pimpinellifolium (75 days)   ORGANIC  

This is a very vigorous, vining cherry tomato that can grow to 8 feet high and produce thousands of small (3/4”-1”) very sweet orange/yellow fruits. They are so sweet that they will keep you in the garden for longer than you expected! Currant tomatoes are a more primitive species of tomato than that which is commonly grown. I suspect that this may have been among the parents used to produce the famed Sungold hybrid orange cherry tomato. Unlike Sungold, you can save the seed from this wonderful OP. HEIRLOOM SSF

TM25: Packet ( 1/4 g ≈ 30 seeds) - $4.50


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