Tomato, Siskiyou Slicer

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50

Tomato, Siskiyou Slicer

Solanum esculentum (80-85 days) 

This variety came to us from the collection of seedsman and breeder Dr. Alan Kapuler. Siskiyou Slicer produces nice 1-2 pound flattened red fruits with few seeds, a nice firm texture and great rich flavor. The most productive red slicer in our recent trials. In 2022 we are selecting the Siskiyou Slicer to again go to a nation wide trial through Seedlinked alongside many other slicing tomatoes to be able to offer more data on this marvelous and lesser known delight!

Originally named Oregon Large Slicing Tomato (ORLST) this tomato was developed from the hybrid beefsteak, "Whooper". Mildly indeterminate.

Packet ( 1/4 g ≈ 50 seeds)


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