Tomato, Wali's Gold

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50

Tomato, Wali's Gold  ORGANIC

A unique open pollinated orange cherry tomato that is exceptionally productive bred from the wildly popular hybrid: SunGold (F1).  We are still selecting this strain with the assitance of my now 15 year old son, breed for higher sugar levels, productivity and crack resistance. As it is a work in progress, there will be the occasional red fruited plant which is still a delicious cherry tomato.  This is a delicious garden snack tantalizing taste buds with an abundance of bright sweet fruits.  Vigorous growing vines require trellising as they can easily grow to 8 feet tall. Indeterminate.  SSF

TM58: Packet ( 1/4 g ≈ 50 seeds) - $4.50


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