Zinnia, Queeny Lime Blush

Siskiyou Seeds

$ 5.00

Zinnia, Queen lime blush

Zinnia elegans  (75-85 days) 

Queeny Lime Blush is an absolute stunner that wowed visitors to our production fields.  Highly doubled blooms have involute petals that roll in on themselves (think Ball type dahlias). This was formerly known as the "Queen" series. Petal color ranges from a dusky pink to lime blush in somewhat varying proportions.  Some blooms will be single petaled and as per our experience of over 25 years of growing zinnias for seed, selecting for the highly doubled trait is counter to seed production so no matter what the plants want to revert back to single petal layer.  The quintessential cut-and-come again flower that lasts up to two weeks in the vase.  An annual that reaches up to 3’; space 12’ apart. 

packet ~0.8g ~ 70 seeds

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