Zinnia, Tidepool Mix

Siskiyou Seeds

$ 5.00

Zinnia, Tidepool Mix (75 days)

This was the outcome of an intentional cross between our Cactus Mix with its wondrous highly doubled, quilled petals and the marvelous Dreamin’ Mix which is an interspecies cross between Zinnia elegans and Zinnia haageana. The resulting progeny will undoubtedly be a wild and raucous combination of the myriad phenotypes possible between this genetic mashup. During the Fall Seed Academy class we went through a field of thousands of plants to select our favorite individuals and that is the origin of the Tidepool Mix, named for the propensity of many of the flowers to resemble sea anemones. Grow it and discover the wonders of nature for yourself. Packet - 0.8g (~75 seeds)

Podcast Interview describing the breeding behind this project:



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