Zucchini, Compost Creature Mix

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Zucchini, Compost Creature Mix (75 days) Cucurbita pepo

In the 2023 growing season we conducted a variety trial of 24 different summer squash varieties that included traditional green and striped zucchini as we as golden zucchini, yellow crooknecks, patty pans in a variety of hues as well as an interesting round strain.  We included both open pollinated heirlooms such as the beloved Costata Romanesco known for its nutty flavor as well as many commercial hybrids with high degrees of uniformity and earliness.  Compost Creature is a gene pool of all of these summer squashes that were allowed to freely cross pollinate amongst themselves. They will all produce good tender edible squash that can be harvested at the immature stage, plus they will exhibit a wide range of unique phenotypes (variants). The name comes from the experience all gardeners have of some mystery squash growing from the compost pile, often with questionable edibility. Summer squash are all in the genus Cucurbita and the species “pepo” which also includes the winter squash varieties Delicata, Acorn, spaghetti squash, pumpkins, and the small hard ornamental gourds. So the squash that grows on its own accord from the compost pile is typically a cross from these diverse types.

Our compost Creature Mix is a narrower gene pool and could be the starting point for your own new squash types such as a striped green crookneck, or hope about a striped patty pan or any other myriad of combinations. 

Packet (2 g ≈ 60 seeds)

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