Artichoke, Imperial Star

Billy's Gardens

$ 5.00

Artichoke,  Imperial Star (85 days) – Cynara scolymus 

A green artichoke specifically bred for annual production and is an excellent variety for the Pacific Northwest, Imperial Star will produce well-developed artichokes the first year from seed. Plants become 1 1/2-3' tall and have an open-growth habit. Each typically produces 1-2 primary buds, which average 3-4" in diameter, and 5-7 smaller secondary buds. Perennial in Zone 7 and warmer; otherwise treat as an annual.   We are grateful to be offering artichoke seed, which came to us from Billy’s Gardens in California.

Note that we have found gophers to be very fond of eating artichoke roots so we will routinely plant them in wire baskets / cages.

Packet: 1 g(~25 seeds)

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