Corn, Cassiopeia

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Corn, Cassiopeia, Popcorn (100-110 days)

Zea mays

 A southern Oregon original in development over the past 11 years.  Originating with the old Cochiti Pueblo strain from New Mexico, we crossed it with 4 other varieties.  Cassiopeia combines the best traits of 5 different heirloom popcorns.  Selected for early maturity, large ear size and multiple ears per plant (up to 5), it is multicolored, tall (8-9’) and beautiful.  Let dry in the field and cure on the cob indoors for a few months before popping.  Will not cross with sweet or flour corns.  

* Please note that in order to pop successfully popcorn must have an adequately long season to mature fully.  Harvest once husks are dry on the plant.  If frost kills plants before maturity you can pull them from the roots, bundle and let finish under cover.  Let ears dry fully after shucking (usually 2-3 months) before trying to pop.  (And no it doesn’t work to try and pop it on the cob. they just burn!). An Open Source Seed Initiative pledged variety bred by Don Tipping.

Packet (1/2 ounce)

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