Corn, Blue Star, Flour

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50

Corn, Blue Star (breeder's selection), Flour (75-110 days)

Zea mays

This is a collection of all of the most unique ears in a very diverse gene pool that was rogued from the Hopi Blue flour corn.  This will still yield good flour corn, but it is a more diverse assortment of light blue to purple with non-linear rows of kernels in spirals, star and other interesting patterns.  It also has a good amount of dented kernels and strange forked ears.  A novelty for the curious gardener!

 Can be eaten as sweet corn when picked young and roasted, but is best known for making an excellent, sweet blue corn flour that has 30% higher protein levels than dent corns. Plants are 5 ft. tall and bushy with many tillering side shoots.  Ears are a beautiful smooth silvery blue that are 8-10” long with usually 2, but up to 7 per stalk. There is still much variability in this strain with respect to kernel color and degree of kernel denting.  Expect ears to mature into shades of light gray/slate blue, to dark blue and purple.  Robust, drought-tolerant cultivar selected over many generations. HEIRLOOM,

 Packet (One Ounce)

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