Zucchini, Dark Star

Ridgeline Meadow Farm

$ 3.95


Zucchini, Dark Star (50 days)  ORGANIC

A new open pollinated zucchini developed by Eel River, California organic grower, Bill Reynolds.  It has been bred as an OP market gardener workhorse alternative to hybrids.  Spineless stalks prevent damage to fruits while harvesting.  Long harvest window is a good trait for farmer and gardener alike.  Remarkably vigorous.  RMF

*If you have issues with Squash Vine Borers you may want to try growing Tromboncino as a summer squash as they are a different species (Cucurbita mochata)

SS1: Packet (2 g ≈ 30 seeds) - $3.95                 

 1 oz =  $20.00

1/4 lb = $65.00

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