Winter Squash, Tromboncino

Siskiyou Seeds

$ 3.95


Winter Squash, Tromboncino (60 days summer squash/ 90 days winter squash)  ORGANIC

This is a highly unique classic Italian heirloom squash that can be harvested young as a rich, full-flavored summer squash which is much preferred to traditional zucchini by many Italians who call it "zucchini rampicante". Harvested at 8-12" long, it is delicious roasted, grilled, grated raw into salads or stuffed in ravioli. It can also be left to mature as a long keeping winter squash. Related to Butternut squash, Tromboncino has vigorous growing vines that give rise to elongated serpentine fruits that can grow up to 3 feet long. Can be stored and eaten like a winter squash, however its texture is somewhat stringy like a spaghetti squash and not as sweet and even as a Butternut. A real treat to grow and marvel at! HEIRLOOM. SSF 

WS25 - 3 g (~30 seeds) = $3.95

1 oz = $15.00

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