Aster, Moonstone

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 5.00

Aster, Moonstone

(110 days) Callistephus chinensis 

A dusty lavender China aster with occasional creamy centers, unusual because of its soft, muted color and color gradation.  Petals are gently incurved and slightly involute.  As with all china asters, Moonstone has an extremely long vase life, lasting anywhere from 7-21 days as a cut flower.  A good choice for evoking moody subtly in arrangements.  An annual reaching 30”.  Best spaced 9-12” apart.  SSF.

Unfortunately, this seed will be unavailable for most of 2022 due to a crop failure. We intend to grow it 2022 so check back with us 12/01/22 for availability.

Packet- 1/2 g (~175 seeds) 

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