Aster, Tower Chamois

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 5.00

Aster, Tower Chamois

(110 days)  Callistephus chinensis 

A soft, creamy pink/peach china aster with lush layers of slightly involute petals-  there’s hardly a more delicious aster in the field!  Aptly described as a “peony” aster because of all those cupped, incurved petals, and highly coveted when in bloom.  Plant this aster in succession as flowers are at their prime for just a couple short weeks.  My all-time-favorite color of aster as it can look good with just about any other flower in bouquets.  Pinch and trellis.  An annual reaching 30”.  Best spaced 9-12” apart.  SSF. 

Packet- (~70 seeds, 1/4g)

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