Beans, Fava, Ur kupina

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 3.95

Beans, Fava, Ur Kupina

Vicia Faba (80 days to green shelling beans) 

A unique heirloom named after the city in Bolivia, this is a large seeded broad bean that can be fall or spring sown. Grows to 3 feet tall and produces 12-20 large pods with 1” beans. These can be shelled fresh and steamed for a delicious treat that has been enjoyed throughout the middle east and mediterranean regions, as well as central and south America. Easy to grow, favas are also a great nectar source for beneficial insects. Dry beans have beautiful tan and brown swirls on them like little mouse ears. HEIRLOOM, SSF

We are working to develop beneficial relationships with the Red de Guardianes de Semillas through tithing back 10% of our proceeds to support regenerative subsistence agriculture among Indigenous peoples. 

BE25: 1/2 oz - $3.95

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