Beans, Pepe de Rola, Pole

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50


Beans, Pepe de Rola, Pole (90 days) 
Phaseolus vulgaris

We originally received this seed from Tessa Gowans at the Abundant Life Seed Foundation in 1999. It is an heirloom brought to the USA from Portugal and is also known as "Dove's Breast". It produces bountiful sets of pods that dry down into round beans that are half white and half mottled brown and yellow. This is a very unique type of bean. Has performed well in 3 sisters plantings here in SW Oregon, wherein we plant flour corn, winter squash and pole dry beans. It’s best to wait until the corn is about 4 inches high before planting the beans or the quick growing vines will overtake the corn. My favorite pole bean. SSF

Packet: 1/2 oz

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