Beans, Whipple, Bush

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50

Beans, Whipple, Bush  (90-110 days) Phaselous vulgaris

This is a real standout from our production in 2016 where it charmed its way into everyone's hearts on the crew. Vigorous growing bushy plants with short runners that make prolific sets of 6-8" pods that yield plump beans of deep purple with darker purple splotches. We received this bean from our friend and seed keeper, Marjory House who named the beans after Lee and Dana Whipple who retired to Oregon with several other families from the longest running family co-op outside of Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Whipple was a minister, and started the church of the Brethren in Springfield, but also guest spoke at many other churches. He also traveled around to, local schools to talk about equality for all races. He had marched and worked with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 60's in Chicago.This Pacific Northwest variety has been a stand-out performer in 2017-2020 Dry Farming Collaborative Trials, and in tastings. Large, richly flavored beans are particularly good in slow-cooked chili. The Whipple Family, for which this bean is named, worked closely with Martin Luther King Jr. before moving to Douglas County, Oregon, in the 1970s. HEIRLOOM. SSF.

Packet - 1 oz

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