Bitter Melon, Chinese

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Bitter Melon, Chinese

(65 days) Momordica charantia

An heirloom variety of a vegetable also known as Balsam Pear that is unique and new to most Americans but has long been popular in Japan, China and throughout SE Asia for over 1000 years. Warty light green skinned fruits are borne on trailing vines that can be grown on a trellis.  Grow as you would cucumbers. They are rich in Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Iron and many vitamins. Unless carefully prepared the flavor can be quite bitter. There are many ways to prepare and eat it, steamed, pan fried, stuffed and so many more. Many people will peel before eating.  Medium sized ripe fruits are best, once over-ripe they will burst open to revel bright red seeds (as pictured). Fruits are oblong, 3" in Diameter and about 5" long

Bitter gourd is a semi-tropical plant and requires 75-85 degree soil temperatures to germinate. Do not plant outdoors if the night temperatures are below 65 degrees. SSF.

Packet (10 seeds)

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