Celosia, Cockscomb, Salmon Mix

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 3.95

Celosia, Cockscomb, Salmon Mix Celosia cristata (75 days)  ORGANIC

An intriguing flower related to amaranth. This variety produces a large central head that is of varying shades of salmon and has wonderful curves and folds, much like a brain. Grows to about 18” and produces abundant side shoots that really spruce up any bouquet, both fresh or dried. When dried, it preserves its shape and color for months. Native to Africa, it is an ingredient in Chinese medicinal formulas. It is used as a treatment for intestinal worms (particularly tapeworm), blood diseases, mouth sores, eye problems. The  seeds treat chest complaints and the flowers treat diarrhea. The leaves are used as dressings for boils and sores, and the boiled leaves are said to be slightly diuretic. FLA

CA2: Packet (1 g ≈ 550 seeds) - $3.95

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