Celosia, Texas Plume Summer Sherbert Mix

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 5.00

Celosia, Texas Plume Summer Sherbert Mix

(90-100 days) Celosia argenta var. plumosa 

We love celosias and added this one to our offerings because of its unique, softly-muted tones of blush, apricot, rose pink, lemon and lime floral spikes.  The seed we grew out originally came from famed flower farmers Pamela and Frank Arnosky by way of Floret, and we’re glad to grow on the story of its travels by getting it into your hands.  Mostly plumed spikes occasionally revert to long-stemmed combs and pink predominates in the mix.  Excellent for use in fresh bouquets and darker colored flowers have a nice appearance when dried.  An annual that reaches 36”; space 9” apart.  Frost sensitive.

Packet: (0.3g~110 seeds) 

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