Corn, Zanadoo Bi-color, Sweet

Lupine Knoll Farm

$ 4.50


Corn, Zanadoo Bi-color, Sweet (85 days)

Zea mays

While Zanadoo may have been the summer capital of Kublai Khan, it is unlikely that he even savored anything as delicious as this unique new introduction from breeder Jonathon Spero of an open pollinated bi-color sweet corn with good ear size, organic adaptation and ample sweetness.A selection from Anasazi crossed with Tuxedo (se) – Following on the heels of the white Tuxana, Zanadoo has a mixture of white and yellow kernels and we are finding this bi-color is promising to be a little sweeter than the single color white or yellow Anasazi cross corn lines. About 82 days to maturity with mostly 14 rows of big deep kernels on 7 1/2" long, wide diameter cobs. Robust flavor, long husks give good ear protection. 2 ears per  6 1/2' tall plant. Selected to produce without high fertility levels and without coddling. LKF, OSSI

* Harvest when the kernels produce a milky white fluid, if it’s clear it’s too early, and if there is no fluid, it’s too late and they’ll be starchy (however good for roasting still).



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