Cucumber, Armenian

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Cucumber, Armenian

Cucumis melo var. flexuosus  

The Armenian cucumber is a type of long, slender fruit which tastes like a cucumber and looks somewhat like a cucumber inside. It is actually a variety of muskmelon (C. melo), a species closely related to the cucumber (C. sativus). It is also known as the yard-long cucumber, snake cucumber, snake melon, tharr in Pakistan, kakri in India, atta in Egypt, mekti in Lebanon, feggous or fakkous in Morocco, acur in Turkey, φακούσι (fakoosi) in Cyprus, fakoos and qitha in Jordan and uri in Japan. It should not be confused with the snake gourds (Trichosanthes spp.). The skin is very thin, light green, and bumpless. It has no bitterness and the fruit is almost always used without peeling and quite delicious! SSF

 (2 g ~25 seeds)

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