Beans, Fava, Gold

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 3.95

Fava, Gold aka "Elio"

Vicia Faba (80 days to green shelling beans) 

This variety was originally obtained in the Amaru region near the Sacred Valley in the Andes of Peru from a traditional seed-keeping family who call it "Elio".  We have been selecting this strain for a uniformly yellow gold color. 

Typically planted in fall or early in spring (February or March) it can easily handle cold temperatures down to the teens. It flowers in April and May producing abundant nectar-rich white flowers that bees and pollinators adore. Green pods can be harvested for fresh shelling, boiled in salt water and eaten like edamame soybeans or allowed to dry down and used like chickpeas for a delicious hummus. HEIRLOOM. SSF 

We are working to develop beneficial relationships with the Red de Guardianes de Semillas through tithing back 10% of our proceeds to support regenerative subsistence agriculture among Indigenous peoples. 

Packet= .5 ounce (about 12 seeds): $3.95

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