Golden Berry / Inca Berry

Seven Seeds Farm

$ 4.50


Physalis peruviana 

Also known as Giant Groundcherry or Topotopo it is a short-lived perennial in the Nightshade Family (Solanaceae)
 Native to the Andes--a cultivated crop since Incan times.  Nutritious fruit occurs in a decorative inflated calyx much like a tomatillo. Fruit is loaded with vitamin A, C and B with a delightful fruity Plant prospers in rich soils, but actually produces more fruit in marginal soils. Sow in spring in pots and transplant. / In temperate US, start early and cultivate as per tomatoes. --much yield for little effort.  Gaining much attention as a Super food.  Grow your own!

 Packet (1/2g)

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