Hawthorne Institute Farm

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Grindelia sp. – PERENNIAL.

Grindelia (aka Gumweed) is an herbaceous plant in the Asteraceae family which requires full sun and is drought tolerant. It prefers sandy well-drained soil. This forb has small, resinous, yellow florets and is a food species for butterflies. Just as the florets start to open the white resin forms and this is the perfect time to harvest the flower for medicine. Direct sow in spring or in flats in late winter. It is used to sooth the respiratory tract and topically for poison oak and poison ivy rashes. Tincture the leaves and flower tops. Hardy in Zones 6 to 10. Helps with skin irritations( like a reaction from poison ivy and poison oak); simple remedy for asthma and can help with kidney and heart irritations. (1/5g) SUF.

Packet (0.2g)

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